OMC ball gear kit *Exploded view drawings *Repair video


400-800 OMC electric shift parts for years 1972-1985
Press on type for years 1967-1971

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By author Trish Dougherty

OMC ball gear kit *Exploded view drawings *Repair video

  • Upper case and intermediate housing exploded view parts drawing. Please see bottom of this page to view repair video.
  • Electric shift Stringer 400-800 series stern-drive years 1972-1985. Press on older type years 1968-1972.
  • Nuts, covers, oil seals, and O-rings are included in kit. See our video for a list of suggested repair tools.
  • Instillation requires 262, 609 or 680 Loctite be installed on tapper area area and driven shaft as this is required to seal upper case.
  • 262 Red Loctite should be placed on thread area of nut. The nut should be tighten about 90-100 foot lbs. using a 1-1/8 inch socket.
  • Timken bearing pre loaded including seals with oil placed in them before assembly. Per-load should be 25 to 30 inch pounds with OMC the pinion shaft and ball gear assembly in place. Nut thread area should have Loctite thread lock applied, red or blue compound will work.
  • 515 loctite gasket flange sealant or silicon can be used for covering the nut and lip of the plug. Spray a clear lacquer paint to seal the cover plug to stop it from rusting.
  • Need help troubleshooting that are wearing out to soon.

P/N 22050 GLM Marine aftermarket ball gear kit 22050 includes: O rings, covers, nuts and seals $320.99

There are 2 installation videos at bottom of page or click here for 3 more ball gear kit installation videos of intermediate housing and upper.