OMC core deposit-Cobra repair information

Returning OMC parts and Core deposit information and shipping instructions

Last updated on 10/8/2023, 1:38:10 PM

  • All Cobra or 400/800 Stringer, electric shift gearcases from T.C. Marine require a core deposit of $460. This deposit is refunded once we receive your trade in (core).
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*Severely damaged, unusable Cobra or Stringer cores with gear-case housings which have extensive housing damage (examples: missing pieces of skeg (lower fin) on lower units, very large holes in housing which can’t be welded).

Unusable cores do not qualify for a full core deposit refunds. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your core. Accepted Core Returns

  • Cobra upper and lower units
  • 400 / 800 upper and lower units
  • Stringer (electric shift) upper and lower units

Ship to:

T.C.Electronics / Marine
21 Canadian Road Unit 17
Toronto Ontario
Canada M1R 5G2


Place core into box and pack with solid foam (available at most construction stores).

If shipping an OMC Cobra upper unit, remove drive shaft and U-joint as our new and rebuilt Cobra upper units do not include the drive shaft or U-joint.

All oil must be drained from the unit before shipping.

If shipping an Cobra upper unit – the top cover assembly with dipstick must be included (see photo below) with the core.

$35 will be deducted from core charge if top cover and dipstick are not sent with core

Top cover assembly
21732 OMC dipstick
Ship FedEx ground
1-800-GO-FEDEX 1-800-463-3339

Please state on FedEx shipping form:

Value for customs $100 – boat parts for repair only returning to USA

*Customer is responsible for brokerage or customs charges and taxes if core returned package is declared at a value of more than $100
Cobra upper gearcase core repair packing
For questions or help regarding returning your OMC Cobra 400-800 Stringer core, please contact us at 416 751-7326

T.C. Marine
Monday – Friday (416) 751-7326
10 am – 8pm Eastern Standard Time