Repair cost for OMC outdrive *Upper gearcase

High / low profile upper gear cases including 400-800 Stringer units 1967 to 1985

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Stern drive repair costs

  • Price includes labor, 680 retaining compound, aviation gasket sealant, 545 thread sealant, gasket flange sealant 515 put over nut and in plug area to seal off water.
    We also resurface taper area on shaft for proper ball gear fit.
  • Machine face and clean seal area of upper ball gear shaft bearing retainer
    35605 Zinc chromate primer (internal prop area included)
  • Full epoxy or enamel paint available
    When changing bearing on old gears we shim out inside cone .009 to .012 to reduce bearing carrier shims to close gap on worn gears
    Clear seal coating placed over ball gears and bearing retainer. Outdrive are include vacuum / pressure tested.
  • Exploded box view Packing and material photos
    Shipping my Stringer 400-800 stern-drive for repair
OMC high profile repair cost stringer outdrive


226-2B High profile stringer / 800 series upper gear case with steering $945.89

400 800 stringer outdrives

226-2A OMC stern drive LOW profile stringer / 800 series upper gear case basic repair cost including ball gear, bearings, nut, o-ring, plug, nut, lock nut, seal kit, steering bushing and shims $885.89
27100 New upper gearcase replacement unit

OMC upper gearcase press on gear

Additional cost for press on ball gear

27100R OMC low profile stringer / 800 series upper gear case major repair-parts cost including gear set &
(new pinion shaft and bearing value $156.00)
$1699.89 *after trade in*

Note: 27950 bearing housing replacement gives longer spline life to drive shaft and water pump shaft ! When having your upper gearcase repaired check to see what used parts are going into unit. We re-use outside case, steering gear and ball gear retainer on most major rebuilds

Parts included in above basic repair

21544 Tapered bearing 59.15
21545 Tapered bearing 69.79
21546 Tapered bearing 24..15
21547 Tapered bearing 61.15
87650 Gearcase seal kit 52.79
23320 Shim kit 10.79
22020 Ball gear 141.79
22515 Centering cone 19.79
11056 Spring 4.79
86652 Seal 5.79
31173 Nylon steering shim 4.79
23310 Shim kit 11.79
27820 Bushing 9.79
27840 Retaining ring 5.79
68015 Loctite retainer $22.79
30517 Aviation sealant $9.79
35605 Chromate primer $12.79
36979 Silver matched $9.79
78819 White epoxy enamel base note has 24hr. cure time $9.79

Intermediate drive shaft repair cost

OMC intermediate housing ball gear
Intermediate drive shaft
226-6 Used intermediate drive shaft

including ball gear, 2 seals, nut, o-ring, plug, and nut $299.99

*Note – you will need to contact us with the exact length and number of splines (coupler end) for us to match up the shaft.

Intermediate drive shaft with press on ball gear

227-6 Intermediate drive shaft
with press on ball gear

including ball gear, 2 seals, o ring and plug $549.95