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OMC Bearing carrier removed with out bearing carrier puller

Flush Kit For Hose

Engine Flush Kit

800 tools and techniques for testing water flow from stern drive to engine cooling system.

This item is a radiator flush kit placed between the intermediate housing and thermostat housing.

This Isolates over heating problems by measuring time it takes to fill a gallon bucket of water. Note 40 to 50 seconds at 650 rpm.

Note the outdrive must be in the water for this test. This same omc tool or fittings can be used for running the boat in the drive way with a garden hose.

Note outdrive should run at idle speed only for setting points and testing.
Note electric shift outdrives should not be left in gear for long periods of time, as electric coils have no way of cooling out of the water.

Outdrive Repair Tools

counter rotating wrench

Cobra or 800 tools for taking off both upper driven gear and lower pinion gear.

This is one of the best stern-drive tools you can make on your own.

The pinion gear or driven gear need to be tightened to a torque of 80 foot lbs. we use a 1/4 dowel pin on our shop units.

pressure vacuum test

Tools for pressure testing that can be put together from parts available at most car parts stores.

They are vacuum & fuel pressure gauge with 3 way tee. Hand air pump for 8 to 12 P.S.I. max. Oil fill screw 3/8 inch boat lower unit oil pump.

When pressure testing sterndrives electric, 400 and 800 series lower units slip a 5/8 hose by 6 foot hose over the end of the shift wire to stop air that would leak from shift cable end.

800 Series oil seal driver made from car exhaust adaptor 2-1/4 X 2-1 /8 inch

Tools you can make from your old water pump shafts

90460 Spanner wrench OEM 912272

P/N 90460 Cobra spanner wrench OEM 912272 $129.95

90480 Drive shaft adapter OEM 311875

P/N 90480 Drive shaft adapter OEM 311875 $63.95

90520 Shift cable adjustment tools

P/N 90520 Shift cable adjustment tool kit OEM 914017 and 915271 $159.95

P/N 90580 Same as above – plastic version. OEM 914017 and 915271 $29.95

90510 Shift cable adjustment tool

P/N 90510 Shift cable tool $55.00

90500 Shift cable adjustment tool

P/N 90500 Bell-crank alignment plate OEM 914017 $87.95

90580 Plastic shift cable adjustment tool

P/N 90580 Plastic shift cable adjustment tool $39.95

90530 Cobra height gauge for shift rod

P/N 90530 Height gauge for shift rod OEM 91227 $69.95

90095 bearing carrier puller

P/N 90095 Bearing carrier puller $107.89

Internal 3 inch X 12.5 long

P/N 22-26 Internal 3 inch snap ring installation or removal tool $14.95

90350 Tool holds bearing carrier shaft when installing gears

P/N 90350 Drive shaft adapter for Cobra lower unit and stringer upper gear case. OEM 314438 $96.95

90150 gear bearing puller

P/N 90150 5″ Universal puller plate that pulls gears and bearings OEM 91-37241 $119.95

90340 Pinion nut adaptor end view holding nut in place


P/N 90340 Pinion nut adaptor kit. This tool holds drive shaft nut for removal of pinion gear and drive shaft nut. $173.95

90295 OMC bearing removal installation tool

90295 Slide threaded bolt down thru old drive shaft bearing

P/N 90295 Bearing removal and installation tools $99.99


P/N 90260 Installs pinion bearings in sterndrives $39.95

90270 volvo omc cobra sx pinion bearing tool

P/N 90270 Removes pinion bearings from lower sterndrive $19.95

YF 6312 Outdrive bearing race seal installation

P/N YF 6312 Bearing race / seal drive set (9 pieces) $79.15

90280 puller rod

P/N 90280 Bearing bolt installer-remover OEM 91-31229 $28.95

90050 Engine alignment tool

P/N 90050 Engine alignment tool OEM 91-57797A3 $120.95

OMC Cobra lower unit oil pump

P/N 401-11245-1 Oil pump $12.95

Oil seal remover

Seal remover tool $10.00

QM50A 5 minute epoxy

P/N QM50A 5 minute epoxy $7.95

680 Loctite 10 ml

P/N 680 Loctite retaining compound 3.4 oz or (10 ml.) use on outside of new seals being installed

* Note Loctite blue and red that is used for nut and bolts will not work due to lower unit oil compounds $29.89

90360 Bellows expander tool

P/N 90360 Expander – for easy bellows installation OEM 91-45497A1 $59.95

18-9031 Sierra bellows cement

P/N 18-9031 Sierra bellows cement $29.89

Evinrude Johnson gasket sealing compound

P/N 508235 Evinrude Johnson gasket sealing compound is for use on new application parts only $19.15

327361 Gel-2 sealant

P/N 327361
OMC / Johnson System matched – Gel sealant 2 (seals metal to metal surfaces). 1.69 oz. or 50 ml. $14.95

60905 Loctite

P/N 60905 Loctite 609 retaining compound. 0.02 oz. or 0.5 ml. Can be used for 8 to 12 seals. $8.95