Shipping my upper OMC 400-800 sterndrive for repair


Upper gearcase packing and material photos

Last updated on 2/24/2023, 2:26:17 AM


  • 400-800 OMC upper gearcase packing and material photos
  • Step by step instructions for packing and shipping your outdrive in for rebuild
  • Co-manufacturer and distributor for GLM Products including aftermarket with 2 year warranty on parts
  • Note – our return shipping cost to the United States for a typical outdrive
    (39 – 50 lbs) is approximately $120 to $140

  • Ship to:

    T.C.Electronics / Marine 21 Canadian Road Unit 17
    Toronto Ontario Canada M1R 5G2

    Phone for USA locations

OMC 400-800 upper gearcase

Ensure your drive is drained of all oil, as couriers will not ship units with oil still inside.

Make sure all internal parts are installed, or loosely installed into the case to avoid having to re-ship any missing parts we require for your job.

The Home Depot Box

We recommend using a cardboard box which can be purchased at home depot, along with internal packing material. Any cardboard box can be used, but try use one that has sufficient strength and size to accommodate the needed padding on the inside added below.

Size small 16X12X12

The Home Depot has a 12 x 12 x 16 inch single walled box available, perfect packing for the 800 / Stringer model upper unit.

Handy Pac and tape
Hard styrofoam is recommended for packing around the gearcase to ensure the outdrive is protected from damage during delivery.

This can be found at many stores, and is also available at the Home Depot in the insulation section. A roll of standard packing tape is also required.

*Note – do not use ‘packing peanuts’ sold at FedEx / UPS, or towels / cloth for packing as these do not provide sufficient protection.
Cut 2 units 5X12X1 inch

Add a piece in the middle of the case between the two lips (shown in photo) – this ensures added protection of the two lips on either side as these can be damaged or broken off during delivery if the box is dropped.

Tape to outdrive

Wrap tape around a couple times to ensure this piece stays in place.

Place in bottom

Cut a piece out for the bottom before placing the case in.

Place all around
Cut pieces out for the walls.
Insert top and bottom

Start to add styrofoam around as you build a protective casing.

Insert sides

Before finishing, don’t forget to add your paperwork with your contact information, and any notes you would like our tech to know about your drive on your sheet.

Fill in top area

Try and pack as tightly as possible so the drive doesn’t move around in the box.

Seal box
About 36 pounds
Total weight should be around 35-36 lbs.
The final weight of the package should be approximately 50lbs. Contact FedEx, UPS or USPS to pick up your package, or drop it off at their stores.
When shipping, the description of the item should be ‘boat outdrive for repair’, and the customs value must be set at no more than $100.