OMC 400/800 rebuilt ball gear shaft parts with video

Rebuild your intermediate housing ball gear shaft

Last updated on 11/28/2023

  • Basic OMC 400/800 Stringer intermediate ball gear repair $246.00 *You’ll need to send us your drive shaft for this repair job*
  • Includes all labor (see below), disassembly, inspecting and cleaning/refurbishing parts. A new ball gear, plug, o ring, retainer seals and nut then installed in the re-assembly of the unit.
  • If any additional bearings or a new unit is required, the replacement parts are added on top of the basic repair cost.
  • Please contact us if you will be sending your parts in to have the ball gear replaced.

Repair step photos listed below

OMC intermediate repair
Intermediate drive shaft repair (includes new ball gear). Includes replacing ball gear (non-press on style type, must be held on with nut), replacement bearings (2), oil seals (2), nut, cover and all labor. $399.99
Remove old oil seals

Old ball gear is removed, follow by retainer. The back to back oil seals are then removed.

Remove gasket compound
Gasket compound is removed from the retainer
Fill in pitted section

Any pitting is filled in

Polish retainer

The inside area of the retainer is polished

680 Loctite retaining compound
Add 680 Loctite

Loctite retaining compound is added to the inside the of the retainer to ensure the oil seal is seated correctly

Second coat if .030 required
Install oil seal
Install second oil seal

Oil seals are installed back to back

Zinc Chromate primer

P/N 379628-U Used electric wire OEM-379628 $199.89

Zinc Chromate two coats

2 coats of zinc chromate primer are used

Both oil seals installed
Lacquer two coats
Polish old oil seal area

The section where the old oil seals were installed is cleaned and polished

Polish taper area

The tapered area of the shaft before the threaded end is polished

Wire brush thread

Threaded area is cleaned with a wire brush to ensure lock nut will thread on smoothly

Place 680
New ball gear
Place 680 on taper
Place oil in seals
Note oil both seals
Install ball gear in retainer

Ball gear is installed into retainer

Check spring on oil seals
248 Loctite threads
Press ball gear
Ball gear is pressed onto the splined end
Note 248 Loctite on nut

Loctite 248 thread lock is installed onto the threads before the lock nut is installed

Turn nut on 90 pounds

Nut is torqued to correct specs

Add 515 flange sealant
Loctite 515 on nut area

Flange sealant (Loctite 515) is used to prepare for cap installation

Place plug and turn to seal

Cap is installed onto ball gear, which covers and protects the locknut

Press in plug.
Remove 515 Loctite on plug

Lacquer two coats on plug

Add gasket compound to o-ring both sides
Pack and ship FedEx

This is a New OMC Stringer Intermediate Drive Shaft The OEM part number is 909044 or 9090440

Drive shaft has 20 splines on the engine or hub side and 23 on the ball gear end.
Shaft is 13 1/4 inches long and will require a nut to hold ball gear on.

Years 1976 to 1977
Hp. 120, 140, 165, 175, 190, 225 and 235

Years 1981-1985
4 cylinder, V-6 and V-8 engines