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Exploded view Johnson outboard parts drawings
Printer friendly lower unit repair help

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Evinrude/Johnson water pump

Gear Set


Seal Kit standard or commercial engine

4-4.5-5-6 7.5 and 8 hp.

Johnson / Evinrude Outboard Piston Kits

Powerhead Gasket Sets

Split bearing

Head Gaskets

Johnson Evinrude outboard 9.9-15 hp drawing 1974 thru 2006

Propeller Shafts


Roller bearing

13350 Johnson Thermostat

Johnson Outboard Exploded view help drawing 20-25-28-35 hp

Thrust bearing

Drive Shafts


Johnson outboard Oil Pump

Johnson Evinrude outboard drawing 40-50 hp


Johnson Outboard Clutch dog 1978 thru 1993 aftermarket OMC parts

Evinrude outboards anode

Prop Nuts

Loop charged large gearcase 2 cylinder 40-60 hp. 1975-2006

Bearing carrier

Tune Up Kits


Engine Fuel Filter Separator

Johnson parts type M

Outboard fuel filters

Oil Seals

Bolts and Nuts

Sierra starters

Johnson outboard parts drawing loopcharged 2 Cylinder 1975-2006

Sierra aftermarket Johnson Outboard Fuel Pump


Outboard Trim Cylinder Solenoids


Johnson V4-V6 1979-2006 Type O


Power-Trim Relays

Yamaha outboard motor


Johnson outboard V6 hydraulic shift lower unit

Mercury parts

28810 GLM Marine aftermarket Johnson outboard lower unit with all new

Lower units application charts

Lower unit gears

Click here for used lower units and parts.

V6 outboard engine history 1976-2006

Power head gasket, drive shaft, water pump, gears
and bearing application charts with model, hp. and year.

Special deal of the summer

Evinrude/Johnson complete lower units with parts installed now available
from GLM aftermarket parts.

Physical characteristic of gearcase

How to identifying my lower unit

Cross reference charts model number to year and hp.

1.1 to 200 hp. outboard years 1927 to 1979

1.2 to 15 hp. outboard years 1980 and up

20 to 28 hp. outboard years 1980 and up

30 to 46 hp. outboard years 1980 and up

70 to 175 hp. outboard years 1980 and up

185 to 300 hp. outboard years 1980 and up

GLM Catalog

GLM aftermarket outboard parts can be found in the 2020 on-line parts catalog outboard years 1980 and up with exploded view parts drawings.
Aftermarket parts that GLM manufactures are:

Outboard bearing carrier and parts
Inboard / outboard gear set and clutch
Outboard water pump kits
Johnson carburetor sets
Replacement outboard gear-cases
Outboard pistons and piston rings parts
Evinrude and Johnson seal kit (part included all gaskets, oil seals and o-rings)
OEM Johnson roller and thrust bearing
Propeller shaft and outboard drive shafts
Special outboard tools, Loctite and OMC Johnson gasket compounds

GLM Dealer Pricing

Web pricing in US funds.
Dealers that need aftermarket parts for inboard-outboard repairs. Contact us in company letterhead for our dealer price list on parts. The GLM catalog includes Chris Craft inboard and Crusader. Mercruiser, Volvo-Penta and Cobra outdrive parts. Chrysler, Mercury and Evinrude/Johnson V6 lower units and components. Includes 202 pages of GLM aftermarket Johnson PDF catalog with components and illustrations.
On-line parts catalog is comprised of PDF files. In order to view them, you need Acrobat Reader.

Shipping Locations Monrovia CA. 91016 USA

Toronto M1R-3Z1 Canada

Fed Ex 2 day international air freight Special Items

We stock used outboard motors and stern drive units
OMC sterndrive gearcases, gears and power boat tools and parts for repairs

Repair Tools

Pinion bearing removal
Outboard bearing carrier pullers
Johnson propeller wrenches in 3 sizes
Pinion nut adapter
Prop shaft adapters

What’s New ?

Seloc repair manuals for Chrysler, Force, Yamaha. Seloc repair manuals for Mariner and Mercury outboards. Mercruiser, Volvo Penta and OMC stern drive Manuals by Seloc.
GLM Maine aftermarket Yamaha parts.
New outboard repair videos: See our how to Video repair series by T.C. Electronics/Marine tech service representative Wayne Coll.

We are a full service provider on Alpha One, Mercruiser, Volvo Penta and all lower units. Please see our Mercury outboard warehouse for tech support drawings for Mercury, Mariner and Force outboard motor parts.

We Sell On eBay

Items we auction on eBay store are Seloc repair manuals for Johnson , bearings, bearing carriers and rebuilt power heads. Sierra fuel systems including carburetors kits, fuel pumps the non VRO type units and a new line of fuel filters. Outboard replacement V4-V6 gear-cases that includes the 5 degree clutch dog, new heavy duty forward and reverse gears. Tune up sets that include condenser-router, points and distributor cap. We have used drive shaft parts, outboard lower units, propeller shafts, outboard manuals and propellers. The main items we sell are lower unit gear case repair tools, water pump sets with impeller included, oil seal and power-head gaskets. Electrical item we list from time to time are sierra ignition coil power packs, sierra rectifiers, sierra electric starters and shifter box parts. Points, condenser, and plugs we do not normally list on our eBay store. Older used outboard motor boats and RV parts. have all so been sold by us.

OMC and Mercruiser out-drive parts have all so been listed for boating enthusiast bidding on eBay.

Johnson/Evinrude Technical Support videos

Outboard tech support is available from Wayne at our Canadian location
Search on Google for YouTube videos by Wayne Coll
Select the repair video needed there is no charge to view

Sample of Repair videos :

  • Mercruiser outdrive bellow and shift cable repair 592,000 views
  • Water pump removal and repair video 320,000 views
  • How can I remove my Alpha One generation 2 lower unit 76,000 views

Tech Tips for your Evinrude/Johnson outboard

  • Add a small amount of 2 stroke oil to to gas in-case VRO is not working on start up
  • Drain water from carb via brass screw located on bottom of carburetor
  • Use a water fuel separator every boat has moisture in gas tank over a period of even 3 days
  • Leave a trickle charger on battery when not in use
  • When changing water pump and housing use Johnson gasket compound on o-ring and gaskets
    lower water pump seal can be moved down 1/16 of an inch and held in place with Loctite 680 or 609 if the drive shaft has a ring scored into it. scoring is common after 250 or so hours.
  • Problem going in and out of gear check your ideal speed from manual, high engine ideal speed will stop clutch dog from releasing and will wear out forward gear lugs and stop clutch and gear from engaging. Fishing line on propeller shaft can also stop lower unit from shifting into forward.
  • When changing lower unit bearing carrier oil seals alway change the rear bearing , unit it almost worn out and its about 12 dollars. Press the bearing out and oil seals will come with it. Alway use 680 or 609 to hold in oil seals and Mercruiser, Mercury or Evinrude/Johnson gasket compound on the o-rings.
  • Check your prop shaft for run out if shaft is worn more than .005 think about changing it out for 2 reason. 1st is you will wear out new seal in less than 20 hours in most cases. The 2nd is the bent prop shaft will wear out the new oil seals, add excessive wear to clutch dog and loose horse power.
  • Clean the lower unit to lower the drag on the boat horse power
  • Bent propellers or prop shafts can more than double your cost to power the boat. If your 20 foot 2 stroke boat on average gets 1 mile per gallon with 4 people, it will cost an extra 20.00 to take a 10 mile trip there and back. In most cases its cheaper to buy two propeller if you put 80 hour a season on the boat. This is also not factoring in the extra wear and tear on lower gearcase parts.
  • When looking at rebuilding your Evinrude or Johnson lower unit in most case parts are available on many web sites and YouTube has 100 of videos. You can all so contact us for tech support if you need to.

What Is the Best Source of Johnson / Evinrude outboard parts?

Since the collapse of Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) in 2000, sourcing OMC Sterndrive parts has become a bit of a hit and miss affair for boat owners. Not all aftermarket outboard parts have begun to appear on the market place. That has caused a big problem for the many boat owners who were taken shortage of these outboard products.

Whether you use your boat for pleasure or commercial where you need it to earn your living, the Evinrude / Johnson outdrive will still need proper maintenance, but with the demise of the original manufacturer, the only option you have is to buy aftermarket parts. So, how do you tell the difference between cheap imported parts that are likely to let you down and the reliable, high-quality parts.

The best way to tell if a supplier is simply selling cheap and unreliable spare parts or if they are selling high-quality outdrive parts is to look at the there warranty and other services they offer. The technical information that the business provides, because that is the best indication that a supplier really does know what they are talking about.

If you look at a company like T.C. Electronics / Marine, which is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for example, you can see from their website that, not only do they ship marine parts, they also repair outboard lower units, so they are not simply a part-shifting operation that will take no responsibility for the quality of the parts that they are selling.

Owned by Trish Dougherty, T.C. Electronics / Marine has been a supplier of high-quality GLM products to boat owners and marinas all over the world for more than 16 years. They have also produced a whole range of extremely useful OMC service and 60 plus repair videos, like this video that explains how to replace a water pump on a Johnson / Evinrude outboard.

T.C. Electronics / Marine supplies a full range of parts, including pistons and manifolds, and as GLM releases new Johnson outboard products onto the market, T.C. Electronics add those products to their own catalog to ensure that they continue to offer the most comprehensive range of cost effective OMC / Johnson aftermarket marine products on the market.

As all the new GLM parts that T.C. Electronics / Marine supply are new from factory and covered by a two-year manufacturers parts and labor warranty, boat owners can rest assured that OMC Sterndrive parts purchased from T.C. Electronics / Marine will provide a reliable alternative to the original manufacturer’s parts.

When you buy your OMC Sterndrive parts from T.C. Electronics / Marine, you also get access to the skills and knowledge of their technical staff. The company are experts in the rebuilding and re-manufacturing OMC stern-drives. They have a team of highly knowledgeable marine technicians who have produced some very informative OMC service and repair videos that you can view on the company’s website or on YouTube.

So, if you have been looking for a reliable source for OMC Sterndrive parts, look for a supplier that can demonstrate that a thorough knowledge of the business that they are in, like T.C. Electronics / Marine. That way, you won’t get caught out with inferior parts that could leave you stranded out on the water.