Johnson outboard bearing housing / lower unit

GLM Marine aftermarket carrier for lower gearcase

Last updated on 08/08/2023, 03:31:35

  • GLM marine aftermarket Johnson outboard housing assembly Includes housing, seals and bearings
  • OEM 439476
  • GLM marine aftermarket parts drawing and chart identifies horsepower or year
  • Need Johnson drawings


Bearing housing and seals OEM 439476 $84.99

22730 housing parts

P/N 22730 Bearing, housing and seals $87.99

Bearing housing P/N 22720 is compatible with most V4 60 degree (1995 – 2006), V4 90 degree (1978 – 1998), V4/V6 type ‘O’ (1979 – 2006), V4/V6 type ‘M’ (2002 – 2006) and V6 (1976 – 1978) lower unit models. You can also verify the compatibility by looking at the part number stamped on your existing bearing housing, and matching up with the OEM Johnson number listed above.

The bearing housing comes with the roller bearing and oil seal pressed in, and is sold as one assembly only. Housing or bearing not available separately. This housing is installed into the lower unit, and holds in the vertical drive shaft. Damage to the drive shaft or incorrectly installing the original housing can cause damage to the housing/bearing assembly or even lead to damage to the drive shaft due to misalignment.

Bearing housings for the small outboard lower units, such as the loopcharged models are new items and also available from GLM.