Evinrude / Johnson outboard tools

GLM aftermarket Johnson / Evinrude outboard tools

Last updated on 08/08/2023, 03:31:35

  • 9 Inch aftermarket Johnson outboard tool for propeller and carrier removal
  • Capacity 5 tons for use with all Johnson / Evinrude outboard carriers
  • race and seal driver used on all lower units
  • GLM 90095 outboard bearing puller installs-removes pinion bearings.
  • Outboard pinion nut adaptor kit 90340
  • Lower unit outboard parts drawings

90095 Bearing carrier puller

P/N 90095 Propeller and bearing carrier puller tool $104.99

90295 tool

90295 Slide threaded bolt down thru drive shaft bearing

P/N 90295 Outboard lower unit drive shaft bearing puller tool $85.95

6312 Bearing race and seal driver

P/N YF-6312 race and seal driver $79.89

90061 Propeller wrench

P/N 90061 Propeller wrench 1-1/16″ $13.95

90340 pinion nut adaptor kit omc

end view holding nut in place

Pinion nut adaptor kit tool P/N 90340 design to hold 5/8 inch pinion nut when removing pinion gear and drive shaft.

Use with V4 – V6 large hub lower unit outboards (see drawings) and OMC or Mercruiser stern drive units.

P/N 90340 Pinion nut adaptor kit $173.95

Outboard lower unit oil pump

P/N 401-11245-1 Johnson tool for lower unit oil filling click here for more information on oil pump tool $12.95

68015 Loctite .020 parts gap for installing seals

P/N 68015 680 Loctite retaining compound for seals $29.95

508235 OMC Johnson Evinrude gasket compound

P/N 508235 Evinrude Johnson gasket sealing compound is for use on new application parts only $24.95

60905 Loctite

P/N 60905 Loctite 609 retaining compound. 0.02 oz. or 0.5 ml. Can be used for 8 to 12 seals. $8.95

327361 Gel 2 sealant

P/N 327361 OMC / Johnson System matched – Gel sealant 2 (seals metal to metal surfaces). 1.69 oz. or 50 ml. $14.95


P/N 90350 Drive shaft adaptor tool $115.95

90480 Drive shaft adapter OEM 311875

P/N 90480 Drive shaft adapter $63.95

90150 Gear puller

P/N 90150 Universal puller tool plate – pulls gears and bearings $119.95

90280 bearing puller rod

P/N 90280 Bearing bolt installer-remover tool OEM 91-31229 $28.95

90260 Bearing install tool

P/N 90260 Installs pinion bearings in lower unit outdrives $39.95

Internal 3 inch X 12.5 inches long

90330 Drive shaft shimming tool comes with shim finder 90335

P/N 90330 Drive shaft shimming tool comes with shim finder P/N 90335

90335 OMC and outboard pinion gear shim finder tooling

P/N 90335
V4 600 years 1995 and up
V6 years 1976 and up

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P/N 90336
40, 48, 50 hp.
years 1989 and up

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P/N 90334
50 hp. years 1972 to 1974
45, 55 hp. 1979 and up
3 cylinder long shaft years 1972 and up
V4 900 years 1969 and up

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P/N 90333
2 cylinder years 1988 and before
3 cylinder short shaft 1975 to 1986

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90400 shimming tool kit

GLM Shimming Kit P/N 90400 makes rebuilding
a lower gearcase so simple anyone can do it!

Unlike the factory shimming tool it requires no mathematical calculations to determine pinion height/shim thickness.

The measurement determined with a simple feeler gauge is the shim thickness! When rebuilding a Johnson / Evinrude outboard lower gearcase, the correct pinion gear height must be adjusted with various thickness shims.

The thickness of the shims is determined with a shimming tool. The drive shaft assembly and pinion gear are installed into the GLM shimming tool.

A shim finder is mounted on the top of the pinion gear (small magnets installed in the shim finder hold it in place). The measurement between the bottom of the shim finder and the base of the tool is determined with a feeler gauge.

When the drive shaft and pinion gear are installed into the lower gearcase, shims measuring the thickness of the feeler gauge are installed between the upper thrust bearing race and the upper carrier.

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