Johnson outboard fuel filter-water separator

In-line outboard water fuel separator and filters

Last updated on 08/08/2023, 03:31:35

  • Evinrude/Johnson outboard water/fuel separator and filter
  • 28 Micron filter will clean and separate water with out high restriction on fuel flow
  • Will not remove the 2 cycle oil from gasoline, unit just separates the water from the gas at a flow rate of up to 35 GPH
  • Paper is shaped into 70 pleats for total filtration surface area of 327 square inches
  • P/N 24950 Fuel filter are made of die cast aluminum easy to mount bracket with 1/4 or 3/8 NPT Fitting
    Both sizes have ports to take 1-2 gas tanks in. Unit also has 2 out ports for up to two outboards
  • Most single outboards use one 1/4 national pipe thread fine fitting with the 28 micron filter and install brass plugs (included) when one gas tank and one outboard is going to be used
  • Exploded view lower unit outboard drawings
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24950 Water separator fuel filter 1/4 inch ports

P/N 24950 Can be use with all Evinrude/Johnson outboard motors takes water out of gas and has 28 micron filter for the gasoline. $39.99

24940 Water separator 28 micron

P/N 24940 Water separator fuel filter 28 micron $9.99