21715 OMC Cobra outdrive lower unit shift cable. 4 cylinder, V6 V8



  1. Shift cable is compatible with all OMC models for years 1986 – 1993
  2. Will not fit the OMC King Cobra model with cone clutch and the Ford 4 cylinder 2.3 liter.
  3. Some 5.0 liter Ford engines year 1993 with electronic fuel injection may have a slightly longer cable.
  4. Measure your cable length to see if you have a 5.0 liter Ford with fuel injection model. Require help Steward Hastings has great web page on cable adjustment years 1986 to 1991 clutch dog models
  5. Please note there has been an updated detent install by OMC since there article was published that make it easier to go into forward/reverse
  6. Update has much more accurate neutral setting in order to set up shifter rod.
  7. Installation note: shift rod should be installed 8 turns or 7.156 inches from gearcase base to the top of rod in the neutral position with ball seated out.
  8. Engine idle speed need to be 550-600 rpm for V8 and 650 max for V6 engine when engaging or clutch dog area on gear set will be damaged.
  9. P/N 21715 OMC Cobra shift cable includes guide tube, set screws and plastic adjustment tool. OEM-987661 54 inches long. $119.99