SEI-106-198 Mercruiser R/MR/Alpha One Gen 1 complete upper unit



P/N SEI-106-198 Mercruiser R/MR/Alpha One Gen 1 complete upper unit. For 1970 Р1990 models, 4 cylinder with 1.94 / 1.98 gear ratios with a 20-24 tooth count.

Compatible with 120 to 140 horsepower models with a 2.5 or 3.0 liter motor, 1971 to 1990, serial numbers 2791957 to 6225576.

*Note – before ordering, please measure your output shaft that goes into the engine. Replacement upper units come with an output shaft that measures 9-9/16 inch. If your shaft is the ‘short style’ which measures 8-1/8 inches, please contact us for availability.