OMC bellows service kit with gimbal bearing seal

OMC Cobra outdrive transom exhaust, shift cable, u joint bellows and bearing

Last updated on 10/8/2023, 1:38:10 PM

  • Bellows kit compatible with OMC Cobra 1986 to 1993 sterndrive clutch dog models without cone clutch
  • Will not work on King Cobra cone clutch models (1990 and up)
  • Individual transom mount parts are also available
  • Click here for the 1994 – 1998 Cobra SX bellows kit
  • For installation questions contact us
GLM aftermarket OMC parts

21962 service kit

P/N 21962 OMC transom service kit $155.99

Contents includes
P/N 34730 Gasket 915840
P/N 86300 Seal #911823
P/N 81180 O-ring (2 units) #911851
P/N 89210 Shift cable bellow #911826
P/N 8920 U-Joint bellow #911826
P/N 89190 Exhaust bellow #914036
P/N 01090 Hose clamp #3852604
P/N 01070 Hose clamp #912628
P/N 21905 Gimbal Bearing #3853807
P/N 21465 Cable tie #320107
P/N 21466 Cable tie #317893

For models without cone clutch. For cone clutch SX models use kit P/N 21963.

21963 OMC Volvo SX bellows kit transom

P/N 21963 Bellows kit for transom assembly $149.00

89200 drive shaft U-joint bellow 3854127

P/N 89200 Drive shaft u-joint bellow including hose clamps OEM 3854127 $39.99

Make sure to grease drive shaft when installing it through the bearing into the coupler. Be careful when sliding the shaft through the bellow so you don’t tear or damage it.

18-9031 bellow adhesive

P/N 18-9031 Bellows adhesive (not included in above set) $23.89


P/N 21906 Gimbal bearing OEM 3853807 $88.89
Manufactured in the United States.

The cage and shield are made of low carbon steel which can operate at higher temperatures, and the area between the shields is larger than other bearings allowing up to 30% more grease. This bearing is the new design, which is sealed and comes pre-greased and does not require future greasing.

89190 exhaust

P/N 89190 Transom exhaust bellow including hose clamps
OEM 914036 $32.99
The new design has a cut out on each of the ribs which allows water to drain when tilted up, and helps alleviate some of the back pressure at idle speed. Install with holes facing down.

89210 OMC Shift cable bellow

P/N 89210 Shift cable bellow OEM 911826 $11.89

90050 Engine Alignment tool 912273

P/N 90050 Engine alignment tool OEM 912273 (not included) $149.89
Aligns engine and drive unit during installation. Alignment is required if new bearing is installed.

39630 Outdrive gasket

P/N 39630 Outdrive installation gasket set OEM 508105 $9.95
Includes gasket, 2o rings for drive shaft and seal. Gasket mounts between outdrive and transom housing. When installing, make sure to use gasket sealing compound on both sides.

gasket sealing compound 508235

P/N 508235 Gasket sealing compound (not included) $15.00

86560 oil seal 914036

P/N 86560 Gimbal bearing oil seal (Other companies do not include this seal) OEM 3852548 $15.99
This seal should be replace when installing a new bearing into the transom assembly

05741 Heavy duty seal puller

P/N 05741 Heavy duty seal puller (not included) $14.29