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By author Trish Dougherty

Since 2008,

T.C. Electronics/Marine, a leading North American distributor for GLM aftermarket parts for the OMC outdrive, Mercury MerCruiser stern drive and the Johnson/Evinrude and Mercury Outboard; has been providing consumers with informative, step by step repair videos.

These videos were originally created by the technicians at T.C Electronics to give boat enthusiasts who perform their own outdrive and outboard repairs a visual guide in simple to advanced jobs.

For consumers who are performing repair jobs such as replacing a water pump assembly on their lower unit, to replacing and shimming a new gear set – these videos combine knowledge from an industry expert and techniques and tricks that are not explained in conventional service manuals

Doing It Right the First Time

At times, depending on the complexity of a repair job – simply reading a repair manual or a blog by some guy half way around the world using questionable tools just does not cut it.

As boat owners, we know how time consuming and expensive repairs can be. Performing the job correctly the first time around will save you not only additional money, but valuable time. Hours or days can be lost repeating a job that may have simply missed a step due to misunderstanding the instructions in a manual. Those lost hours or days is lost time you could be enjoying out on the water fishing or with friends and family.

Finding Your Repair Video

Whether you own a boat with an inboard/outboard such as an OMC (Outboard Motor Corporation), a MerCruiser (manufactured by Mercury), or a boat equipped with an outboard such as an Evinrude / Johnson, Mercury or Yamaha – you’ll find the right repair video below.

Each section below is divided by manufacturer (you’ll notice easy to spot headers below), and in each section, a brief description and summary is provided for each of our most popular videos which will allow you to quickly choose the correct one for the job you are performing.

If you can’t find the correct one for your job, simply click through to our main video repair page where you’ll find dozens more. As always, T.C. Electronics / Marine prides itself in providing great customer service. If you have any questions about anything you’ve watched pertaining to technical instructions, you can always contact us by phone!

Outdrive / Outboard Repair Videos

(Johnson / Evinrude Outboard)

Replacing the Water Pump on a Johnson Lower Unit Outboard. Shown on a 2 cylinder / 3 cylinder model to demonstrate the steps, part by part, how to remove the old water pump assembly (including housing, impeller, seals, tubes and gaskets); followed by installation of the new assembly. Tips such as how to clean the installation areas before installing new parts are shown along with required compound listings.

How to Remove and Install the Drive Shaft Bearing

Methods for removing the drive shaft / pinion bearing from the lower unit, followed by prep and re-installation of the new bearing are shown here. A list of tools required from start to finish are listed, and all photos of inside the housing are of high quality.

How to Assemble the Gear, Clutch Dog and Prop Shaft on a Johnson Four or Six cylinder Part numbers of each component being installed are shown, along with a guide to installing each part in the correct order, along with tools required to perform this job.

OMC Cobra (1986 – 1993 Models) How to Remove the Cobra Lower Unit from the Upper Gear Case

In this 2 part video, our tech demonstrates how to easily remove the lower unit from the upper gear housing. This explains why, this separation of the two housing can’t be achieved without removing the entire stern drive from the transom on the boat. Viewed nearly 200,000 times.

How to Remove and Install the Water Pump Assembly on a Cobra
Simple instructions remove the impeller and pump housing assembly, and how to re-install it with the correct sealing compounds. Certain issues such as stripped bolts, re-tapping, where and how much grease to use is also shown as well.

How to Install the Propeller Shaft Bearing Carrier into the Lower Unit
Our tech demonstrates the correct procedure to install the bearing carrier where the prop shaft is installed into. Shown, is the method for installing the prop and reverse gear bearing into the housing, along with the required anode.

OMC Stringer (also known as the Electric Shift) and the 400 or 800 Models Step by Step Lower Unit Assembly for the 800 Model
One of our most comprehensive videos, this shows in detail, step  by step beginning from cleaning and prepping the case to installation of all the major components with some techniques shown that are not described in repair manuals.

Water Pump Removal from the Upper Gear Housing
This shows the procedure to correctly remove the water pump assembly from the housing. Steps are shown how to remove the ball gear retaining housing and gear assembly, before the large bolts are removed to access the water pump housing assembly where the impeller is seated. Tips such as re-tapping threaded bolt holes, compounds required and inspection of related parts such as the shaft splines for wear are shown.

Installing a New Water Pump Assembly into the Stern Drive
In this video, shown is a detailed look on installing a new pump and impeller assembly into the housing. Part numbers are provided, along with a description of compounds that are essential in the installation process that are often overlooked by many mechanics.

Removing a Cracked or Spun Bearing in the Upper
Shown, are the methods our technicians use to remove a damaged or spun bearing that is seized into the rear of the aluminum gear case. This technique is required to remove this part, in order to perform other repairs such as gear or shaft replacements.

How to Remove the Ball Gear from the Intermediate Drive Shaft
Easy steps to remove the intermediate housing drive shaft ball gear, and intermediate housing oil removal process. The aligning process with the steering gear is described in order to remove this gear which can be tricky. Areas of the ball gear shaft to inspect are also described in case other parts will need replacing.

MerCruiser (1970 – 1990 Models) How to Remove the Bellows from the Mercruiser Stern Drive Bell Housing
One of our most popular Mercruiser videos, this shows step by step how to remove the drive shaft or u-joint bellows, exhaust bellows and shift cable bellow from the gimbal housing after removing the bell housing. Tips, such as sliding a long screwdriver through the access hole in the bell housing to undo the hose clamps, what areas need to be cleaned before new parts re-installation and special tools required are also noted. This has been viewed nearly 350,000 times!

How to Change the Water Pump Impeller and Housing on a Mercruiser
This shows how simple removing the water pump housing, impeller and seals – followed by cleaning and prepping instructions and new parts installation is. Part numbers are shown, and tips regarding sealing compounds and greases are discussed as well. One of the most commonly asked questions are also addressed here – “which way do I turn and install my water pump impeller into the housing?”

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